My Jobs

Advertising Marketing
Professional and Cinematographer

There are many jobs and opportunities you can do in photography. But some of the jobs that I find most intriguing and what I’m most likely to do is Advertising Marketing Professional and Cinematographer! The reason I chose Advertising Marketing and Professional Cinematographer is because of all the opportunities that comes with them. They have a variety of different things that you need in these jobs. For instance, in Advertising Marketing Professionals (it’s a kind of photography that includes photographing clothing’s for advertisement) in this field you can take pictures of different items like shoes for shoe company’s, clothing, models, jewelry, cars, phones, foods, water bottles and more!

In this field you also can get paid very well. In this field you can get paid over 114,000 dollars! Which is a lot for a year. This job is literally one of the jobs that you’re getting paid for doing something you love and have fun with. You can also make your own company and get into an entrepreneurship which is very cool. The other field professional cinematography also comes with many opportunities. It’s also very fun and a creative experience that’s apart of photography which is why it interests me. In cinema photography they indicate the overall look and visual style of a motion picture, television show, music video, advert and more! This job also comes with many opportunities like previously stated, you can help make pictures, television, movies etc. look better! Again, is great paying job, paying about up to 152,000 per year, which is a great pay. This can mostly depend on the number of opportunities that’s available.

Both jobs are fun, great opportunities, and overall have great pay. They both also have their disadvantages at times, but all jobs do in the end.  This is why Advertising Marketing Professional and Cinematographer are both great jobs. But there are so many other jobs that is involved in photography that I find quite interesting as well. This is because of the large variety of jobs that are in photography.



Alvarez Bravo

I decided to write about a Mexican Photographer named Alvarez Bravo. Alvarez Bravo was born on February 4, 1902, and sadly left the world on October 19, 2002. He was born in Mexico City. It was stated that he took art classes and grew to love it. A surprising fact about Alvarez Bravo is that he is a SELF-TAUGHT PHOTOGRAPHER! Which is amazing since all his photos are nice! But t an academy One of the reasons I decided to write about him was because when finding information about Alvarez Bravo, it was stated that he was a huge contributor for Latin American photography during 20th century.Many Latin American looked up to him because of his photography skills. The reason I decided to write about this photographer is because I really enjoy the seriousness in his photos. I feel like each of his photos has a deep meaning behind it. He has also photographed cool and meaningful moments in history. His photography is surreal and ironic. Meaning that it does not fit reality and is fake, but besides this it is still remarkably interesting.


One of the things that I look up about Alvarez’s work is that he was influenced by Mexican mutualism culture, and his photography was mostly aimed for gaining Mexican Identity. During his time, many unfair and racists actions were happening to Latin Americans, so his photography was a great portrayal in this. A cool fact is that he collaborated with a feminist activist artist Frida Kahlo. Frida is known for also knowing her culture and loving it. She showed her culture through her art, which is amazing. The photo that is below is a picture of her taken by Alvarez Bravo himself. And some of my favorite photos are down below. The reasons these two are my favorite is because, one of them is of Frida who I look up too. While the other one is of a child drinking water that looks like its coming down from a fountain.


These photos really highlight the history of photography as well. They are black and white, and the photos look as if they had been printed out in 1900’s. It is crazy reviewing photos of photography I also like the second photo because of how. Its telling a story. Even though it looks simply, it still shows us a story. Just like how stated back then that this was one of the reasons I like his photography. Overall I really admire Alvarez’s love for his culture, I like the art in his photos, and I like how he tells stories form them.



Barbara Kruger.

I want the viewers to see the message and apply it to their lives. This is because the saying was true, in order to find happiness and self love you have to start at the sole(soul) or another word yourself. You can’t find happiness anywhere else so you must start with yourself, this is where you will find confidence, self love, and the main goal happiness.